A set of couching needles for cataract. For more
information visit A Historical Tour of Ophthalmology

Ophthalmic Instruments and Materials
An understanding of the commonly used ophthalmic instruments is essential for any practising ophthalmologists. Unfortunately, most standard ophthalmology textbooks do not provide sufficient information in this field. In the final MRCOphth / MRCS you may be given instruments to identify or asked to discuss the merits of different sutures.

This section covers the following areas:

basic instrument handling blades used in ophthalmic surgery
basic priniciples of surgery : 
basic principles of surgery: 
incision techniques
common tying techniques forceps in ophthalmic surgery
suture materials lid speculum
ophthalmic needles needle holders
Ophthalmic instruments according to procedures:
cataract extraction (phaco) glaucoma
squint corneal graft
retinal detachment ptosis
dacryocystorhinostomy lid surgery
enucleation / evisceration chalazion


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