Blades used in Ophthalmic Surgery
(There are many different types of blades used in surgery. However, in ophthalmic surgery only three blades are commonly used. These are the No 11, No12 and No.15 blades. Each blade is designed for a specific purpose.)

No. 11 blade

Character: sharp tip.

Indication: for stabbing incisions in the mucosa or 
                    skin and making deep wound.

Uses: chalazion incision and curretage; opening of 
           lacrimal sac during DCR.

No 12 blade

Character: sickle shape with the sharp tip and cutting edge 
                   on the inside of the curve.

Indications: operating at the base of a small incision; the cutting 
                      edge is guarded to avoid accidental injury to 
                      surrounding tissues.

Uses: suture removal; cutting of nasal or lacrimal mucosa 
           during DCR

No. 15 blade

Character: rounded contour

Indication: cutting skin

Uses: blephraoplasty; skin excision

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