Instruments for strabismus surgery
(In this section, only the essential instruments for strabismus surgery are shown. Needles and needles holder are not shown here. In general, the needles used are the spatula type to avoid perforation of the globe. The sutures used are usually the absorbable types such as vircyl and size 6/0)

Moorfields forceps. The grooves at the tip are designed for grasping the slippery conjunctival surface with minimal trauma.

Westcott's scissors. The curved and blunt tips allows easy dissection of the Tenon's capsule from the sclera with little risk of perforating the scleral wall.

There are many different designs of muscle hooks. In general, only two types of hooks are required. The standard hooks (as shown above) and one that spread the muscle such as Chavasse. 
The standard hook has an acute angle and can be passed easily into a small space created by the tenotomy. The round tip allows the hook to slide easily along the scleral surface.

Helveston hooks

Chavasse hook

The hooks shown here are designed to spread the rectus muscle. 
The horizontal inner surface (in the case of Chavasse an undulating surface) allows spreading of the muscle so that sutures can be passed easily and tied on either sides 
of the isolated muscles. 

Bulldog clamp. It  is used to clip the suture to avoid entanglement with the other suture or tissues during operation.

Caliper with pointed tips. The pointed tips are useful for making imprints on the sclera.

More instruments