Common tying techniques

Various tying techniques are used in the closure of skin wound. These can be broadly divided into:

For satisfactory wound healing:

  • the wound edge is slightly everted to avoid wound depression 
  • the tissue is not constricted by suture
  • the dead space is closed to reduce the risk of infection, haematoma and wound depression
  • the wound edges are joined loosely since there is always some postoperative swelling.

  • (More information about suture techniques.)

After care:
  • the earlier the sutures are removed the less the likelihood of persistent puncture marks but the greater the risk of dehiscence. As a approximate guide, sutures on the face should be removed after 5 days. However, those sutures at the lid margin (grey line) sutures should be left for at least 10 days to avoid the risk of dehiscence.
Suture removal:
  • the sutures should be removed by pulling it out towards the wound (as in Figure A). If the sutures were pulled out away from the wound (as in B and C), the wound may become dehiscence.

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