Instruments for retinal detachment
(The following instruments are designed for retinal detachment repaired. Instruments for vitrectomy are not shown here.)

Gass scleral indenter. 
This is a modified scleral indenter. It is used to position over the hole while examining the retina using an indirect ophthalmoscope. Indentation gives a ring mark on the sclera. The centre of the mark is then marked with a blue ink. The accuracy of the hole is checked by reindenting the spot with a forcep and indirect ophthalmoscopy. 
Once the location of the hole is reaffirmed, the scleral buckling can be used to indent the hole.

Watzke forceps.
This is used to stretch a silicone ring so that the two ends of the silicone band can be passed through during scleral buckling.

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