Atlas of Ophthalmic Philately.....

A thematic stamp collector who chooses the topic of ophthalmology will have many happy hours going through the catalogue as eye diseases in one form or another are well represented in stamps issued by many countries around the world. In addition, one can extend the theme to include famous people with eye diseases, plants from which mydriatics are extracted and optical instruments. a
Guide dogs: 1 World Sight Day, 1976 Ancient ophthalmology Helen Keller: 1 Art  with eye theme: 1
Guide dogs: 2 Ophthalmic conferences Greek ophthalmology Helen Keller: 2 Art  with eye theme: 2
Braille : 1 Eye examination Islamic ophthalmology Famous blind persons: 1 Art with eye theme: 3
Braille : 2 Eye donation Chinese ophthalmology Famous blind persons: 2 Myths & fictions
Braille : 3 Medical retina Anatomists and eye Famous blind persons: 3 Saints and religion
Braille : 4 Cataract Lacrimation Famous blind persons: 4 Blindness in religion
Braille: 5 River blindness Ocular physiology Famous blind persons: 5 Artists & eyes
White cane: 1 River blindness: 2 Scientists Famous blind persons: 6 Eye of Horus
White cane: 2 Nutritional blindness Famous ophthalmologists: 1 Human emotions
Blind week Occupational health Famous ophthalmologists: 2 Cat eyes
Schools & hospitals Neuro-ophthalmology Famous ophthalmologists: 3 Eyes on stamps: 1
Work and leisure Paediatric ophthalmology Ophthalmic escapees: 1 Eyes on stamps: 2
Optic & optician Sight awareness Ophthalmic escapees: 2 New Stamps
Presbyopia Plants with ocular effects: 1 New Stamps: 2
Optical instruments Plants with ocular effects: 2 New stamps: 3
Phototoxicity Plants with ocular effects: 3
Plants with ocular effects: 4
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