Famous ophthalmologists: 2
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Outside the UK, many countries have honoured their eminent ophthalmologists on stamps (Gonin of 
Switzerland, von Graefe and von Helmholtz of Germany and Barraquer of Spain). Of the famous UK 
ophthalmologists, Harold Ridley should deserve such honour than most. Harold Ridley (1907-2001) 
was an intraocular lens (IOL) pioneer. He implanted the first intraocular implant made from PMMA in  
1949, after observing that  World War II Royal Air Force flighter could tolerate shards of plastic aircraft 
canopies in their eyes. Nonetheless, his work was initially rejected by most of the ophthalmic community, 
forcing him to spend years fighting for acceptance. Since his pioneering work, more than 200 millions 
cataract patients have received intraocular implants.
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