............ Station 1: Anterior segment disorders including adnexael disease 
(2 ophthalmologist examiners)
The candidate will be examined on a minimum of two cases selected from 
the disorders listed below.
Skills to be tested may include the assessment, interpretation, diagnosis 
and management of:
Abnormal lid position (ectropion, entropion, ptosis, trichiasis, 
   lagophthalmos and exposure)
Abnormal lid swelling (chalazion, benign and malignant tumours)
Orbital disease orbital swelling
Infectious external eye disease including conjunctivitis and keratitis
Dry eye
Cicatricial conjunctival disease
Corneal and conjunctival degenerations
Peripheral ulcerative keratitis
Corneal dystrophies
Allergic and atopic disease
Complications of contact lens wear
Corneal oedema, opacity, ectasia, corneal transplantation and corneal 
   graft rejection and other complications
Conjunctival and anterior uveal tumours
Aniridia and other dysgenesis
Anterior segment injury
Lens dislocation
In this section candidates must be proficient in the use of the slit lamp microscope 
in examining the anterior segment employing direct and indirect illumination, retro-
illumination, specular reflection and scleral scatter as appropriate to best 
demonstrate signs.

Common cases in this station:

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