Ophthalmology Videos III ..

21. Double elevator palsy  1,499KB ( This patient has a right double elevator palsy characterised by 
        poor elevation of the right eye in both abduction and adduction. He also has an abnormal head
        posture with head tilt to the right.)

22.  Fully accommodative esotropia  1,576KB ( This girl has a fully accommodative esotropia. With her 
        glasses on R +5.50/-0.50X180 and L +6.25/-1.00X170 the eyes are straight. With her glasses off, there is 
        an obvious right esotropia.)

23. Tensilon test   792KB  ( This man has bilateral ptosis and diplopia. A Tensilon test using 10m iv 
        edrophonium improves the ocular movement and the ptosis; confirming the suspected diagnosis of 
        myasthenia gravis.)

24. Brown's Syndrome  657KB (This young girl has a right Brown's syndrome. Ocular motility reveals 
        poor elevation of the right eye in adduction. Her vision is normal in each eye and there is normal binocular 
        vision in the primary position.)

To be continued
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