Carrot (Daucus carota) is a popular food in western countries. 
It is often associated with Bugs Bunny and Peter rabbit. Carrot 
was used in many imaginative ways: the Germans used it as a 
coffee substitute and made liquor from it; it was used as a dye 
and provided flavouring agent for butter and the feathery carrot 
leaves were used to decorate the headdresses of fashionable 
ladies in the 17th century England. Carrot contains a high level 
of b-carotene, a source of retinal which forms the visual pigment 
of the rods and cones. When ingested b-carotene is cleaved in 
the small intestine to form two molecules of retinaldehyde, which 
is then reduced to retinol and stored in the liver as retinyl esters.