Greek Ophthalmology
Greece (1959) Hippocrates tree (so called because Hippocrates used to 
                         give lectures to  his students beneath the branches of this 
                         platanus tree).

Some inaccurate observations regarding eye signs from the Corpus Hippocraticum

Aphroisms Section VII 
'3. Hiccup and redness of the eyes, when they supervene on vomiting, are bad.'
(Modern interpretation: Subconjunctival haemorrhage following vomitting is
alarming but not life or sight-threatening.)

Aphroisms Section VI
52. We must attend to the appearances of the eyes in sleep, as presented from below; 
      for if a portion of the white be seen between the closed eyelids, and if this be not 
      connected with diarrhaea or severe purging, it is a very bad and mortal symptom. 
(Modern interpretation: Dry eye symptoms may occur with incomplete lid closure. 
Provided the patients have good Bell's phenomenon, visual impairment is unlikely. 
It is unlikely to be a very bad and mortal symptom.'

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