Greek Ophthalmology
San Marino
Some receipes for the management of ocular symptoms include:

Section VI 
31. Pains of the eyes are removed by drinking pure wine, or the bath, or a fomentation, 
      or venesection, or purging. 

On regimen in acute diseases
33. For watery eyes. Take one drachm of ebeny and nine oboli of burnt copper, rub them 
      upon a whetstone, add three oboli of saffron; triturate all these things reduced to a fine 
      powder, pour in an Attic hemina of sweet wine, and then place in the sun and cover up; 
      when sufficiently digested, use it 
34. For violent pains of the eyes. Take of chalcitis, and of raisin, of each 1 dr., when digested 
      for two days, strain; and pounding myrrh and saffron, and having mixed must, with these 
      things, digest in the sun; and with this anoint the eyes when in a state of severe pain. Let 
      it be kept in a copper vessel. 

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