The conclusion and feeback

When the panel has finished asking questions they will invite you to ask a question. If you have a real question then ask it, but don't ask about something that is covered by the job description, a topic already discussed in the interview, or a question that makes you look like a smart-ass. It is conventional not to ask about holidays or private practice. Listen to what the panel tells you about how you will be contacted about the result
of the interview. When you leave, take your cue from the panel as to whether to shake hands again or just to say goodbye. Thank the panel and don't forget to take your things with you. Don't try to second-guess your performance by how long the interview lasts. 


If you are not appointed it is reasonable to ask for some feedback. Accept this in the constructive way it is intended. Do not let a disappointment affect your performance in subsequent interviews. Try to enter each interview room with a positive attitude and a smile. Apart from intelligence and clinical skills, consultants appoint people because they think they will work well in a team and be fun to teach and work with.

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