............ Station 5: Glaucoma, cataract and interpretation of visual fields 
(2 ophthalmologist examiners)
BST curriculum section IV, V
The candidate will be examined on a minimum of two cases selected from the 
disorders listed below. Candidates may also be shown sample visual fields and/
or other investigations of relevance to this section.
Skills to be tested may include:
Assessment, interpretation, diagnosis and management of ocular 
   hypertension and all forms of glaucoma and its management, 
   including the use of hypotensive agents and glaucoma drainage 
   surgery and its complications
Ocular hypotension following glaucoma surgery and its management
Visual field testing and interpretation of results
Recognition of the normal optic disc and optic nerve abnormalities
Assessment, diagnosis and management of all forms of cataract 
   and the complication of cataract surgery

Common cases in this station:

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