............ Station 3: Ophthalmology and Medicine (including endocrine and inflammatory eye disease) 
(one ophthalmologist and one physician/neurologist examiner)
The candidate will be examined on a minimum of two cases selected from the disorders listed
Skills to be tested may include the assessment, interpretation, diagnosis and management of:
• Anterior uveitis
• Posterior uveitis
• Intermediate uveitis
• Scleritis
• Medical retinal disorders including diabetic retinopathy and hypertensive retinopathy
• Retinal vasculitis
• Use of immunosuppressive drugs
• AIDS–related opportunistic infections
• Cardiovascular disorders relevant to ophthalmology
• Respiratory disorders relevant to ophthalmology
• Rheumatological disorders relevant to ophthalmology
• Skin disorders relevant to ophthalmology
• Endocrine disorders relevant to ophthalmology
Candidates will be expected to differentiate normal from abnormal findings in this section of the
examination and to discuss their significance.

Common cases in this station:

  • Overlapping with other stations is common for this station especially for conditions like

  • thyroid eye disease (orbital examination in station 1), diabetic retinopathy (posterior
    segment examination in station 4) and iritis (anterior segment examination in station 1).
  • Cardiovascular cases
  • Hands and the eye
  • Skin conditions and the eye
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