Medical ophthalmology
...................... Apart from the common cases mentioned in previous pages, you may get cases which
do not fit neatly into any categories. They are not common but sometimes appear in 
the medical section. 

The hand

Patient with rheumatoid hand may be given in the examination usually in association with 
scleromalacia perforans and rarely descemetocele. 

The foot

The only common one being diabetic foot. Check for vascular insufficiency or neurological 
abnormality (sensory neuropathy in stocking distribution). This request usually followed 
examination of an eye with diabetic retinopathy. The question invariably asked by an 
examiner (physician)  "Which part of the body would you like to be examined in this 
patient?" "The feet" should be your answer. 

Thyroid status

This usually follows the examination of a patient with thyroid eye disease. The majority 
of patients are euthyroid. But learn the physical signs of both hyper and hypothyroidism 

Spot diagnosis

The most common being phakomatosis: Sturge-Weber's syndrome, tuberous sclerosis 
and neurofibromatosis.

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