Tay-Sachs' disease

  • autosomal recessive disorders
  • commoner amongst Ashkenazi Jew
  • hexosaminidase deficiency
  • infantile neurodegenerative disorder
  • cherry red spot in the macula
Tay, Warren (1843 - 1927) Sachs, Bernard (1858 - 1944)

Curriculum Vitae (Tay, Warren)


English doctor


Medical study in London Hospital
Qualified 1866
Surgeon, Royal London Ophthalmic Hospital, Moorfields
Dermatologist, Blackfriars Hospital for Skin Disease
Paediatrician, Queen's Hospital for Children, Hackney Road
FRCS 1869
Retired and lived in Croydon


Tay W (1881) Symmetrical changes in the region of the yellow spot in each eye of an infant. Trans Ophthalmol Soc UK 1:55
Curriculum Vitae (Sachs, Bernard)


American neurologist
Born in Blatimore of German descent
Psychology in Harvard University
Medicine in Strasbourg, qualified in 1881


Junior doctor to Charcot in Salpetriere, Paris
Neurologist, Polyclinic, Mont Sinai, Montefiori
Neurologist, Bellevue Hospitals
Sachs B (1887) On arrested cerebral development, with special reference to its cortical pathology. J Nerv Ment Disc 14:541
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