Marfan, Bernard J A (1858 - 1942)

Marfan's syndrome

  • autosomal dominant
  • tall stature, arm span longer than height, thoracic asymmetry
  • high arched palate
  • aortic regurgitation, dissecting aortic aneurysm
  • arachnodactyly
  • lens subluxation

Curriculum vitae


French paediatrician
Born in Castlenaudary, Aude, France
Medical school in Toulouse and Paris
Qualified in 1887
Assistant professor of the Faculty of Paediatrician, Paris from 1892
Professor of infantile hygiene, University of Paris and Hopital des Enfants Malades, 1914
Honorary fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, UK, 1934


Marfan MA (1896) Un cas de deformation congenitale des quatres membres, plus prononcee aux extremities, caracterisee par l'allogement des os avec uncertain degre d'amincissement. Bull Soc Med Hos Paris 13:220
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