Batten, Frederick E ( 1866 - 1918)

Batten's disease = juvenile neuronal ceroid-lipofusciniosis

  • autosomal recessive disorder
  • progressive visual deterioration with pigmentary changes and optic atrophy
  • intellectual deterioration
  • epilepsy
  • early death

Curriculum Vitae


English neurologist, National Hospital for Nervous Disorders
Born in Plymouth, England
Medicine in St. Bartholomew's Hospital


Pathologist, Hospital for Sick Children
Physician, National Hospital, Queen Square
Cause of death:
Died  of haemorrhage from  prostate operation
Batten FE (1903) Cerebral degeneration with symmetrical changes in the maculae in two members of a family. Trans Ophthalmol Soc UK 23: 386

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