In this section are a selection of stamps with ophthalmic themes.
Iraqi stamp commemorating WHO depicting a hand clawing eyes out of patients.

Bangladeshi stamp commemorating World Health Day. The stamp features accidental eye injury.


An Indian stamp commemorating World Health Day.

An Egyptian stamp commemorating World Health Day.

British Millenium stamp commemorating 
Year of Artist featuring an eye.


A blind man listening to radio. RF stands for Republic of France.


Portugese stamp commemorates the performance of the first cerebral arteriogram. I include this stamp because arteriogram is used to look for cerebral aneurysm in patient with surgical third nerve palsy. If you were interested in other radiological investigations, here is a site devoted to stamps with radiological themes featuring MRI, Doppler Ultrasound and CT scan.


A French stamp showing the use of laser in treating eye diseases.

Handicapped Children 
Date of Issue: December 5, 1968. One of a set of stamps which bring attention to the needs of handicapped children in Luxembourg. The stamp depicts a blind child.


One of a set of stamps featuring the plight of the Palestinian refugees. This stamp shows a woman with eye problem. Issued in 1976, Jordan.


Issued by Tunisia in 1999 to commemorate the National Day of Organ Donation. The top right corner shows an eye for corneal donation.


Two Moroccan stamps showing two pieces of pottery marking the week of the blind.


More ophthalmic stamps