Ophthalmic Diseases

Where are the stamps on glaucoma!?

West African stamps featuring Onchocerciasis (river blindness), 
an important cause of blindness in this part of the world.


Stamps featuring blindness from malnutrition mainly vitamin A deficiency.


Stamps featuring blindness from trachoma from Swaziland and Cuba.


There are a number of stamps that feature diabetes mellitus 
but only these two show eyes in the design.


Chinese stamp featuring cataract extraction.


A stamp highlighting the importance of blood pressure control and an eye showing hypertensive retinopathy.


Hansen's disease or leprosy. The figure on the leftt is Hansen who first identified the acid fast bacilli that causes leprosy. The next two stamps highlight leprosy.


Behcet's disease. 


Stamps from different countries Costa Rica, Sri Lanka and Grenada featuring eye bank and corneal donation.


Stamps showing awareness of occupational eye disease. Rhodesia not longer exist.


Tanzania commemorating Lion Club Foundation 1987 featuring spectacles for ametropia.
More stamps with ophthalmic themes