Peripheral capillary haemangioma (von Hippel tumour)

A von Hippel's tumour showing large feeder
and drainage vessels to and from the angioma

There may be macular exudate which points to the presence of peripheral retinal abnormalities or the presence 
of large calibre vessels which when followed peripherally shows the presence of the vascular lesion.

There is a vascular lesion (avoid using the word 'tumour' in the presence of the patient which may upset him/her) 
with dilated feeder and drainage vessels. There may be exudate around the lesion or in the macula.

Look for:

  • any abnormal vascular changes in the optic disc which may be caused by optic disc haemangioma
  • any cryotherapy or photocoagulation scars in the same or fellow eye.
  • mention you like to measure the blood pressure as capillary haemangioma is associated with von 

  • Hippel-Lindau's syndrome in 25% of cases
  • mention you like to examine the abdomen (especially at the flank) for any scar which may indicate 

  • previous operation for phaeochromocytoma or renal carcinoma (again seen in von Hippel-Lindau's


1. What is the mode of inheritance in von Hippel-Lindau's syndrome?

2. What are the systemic features of von Hippel-Lindau's syndrome?

3. How would you treat the haemangioma?


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