Marijuana or Hashish (Cannabis sativa) is a native plant 
of Asia and Middle East. Some cultures regard it as a gift 
from Gods. According to the Hindu legend, the plant was 
brought by Lord Siva from the Himalaya for people's 
enjoyment. Smoking the leaves and seeds relieves nausea,
moderate chronic pain, increases appetite and reduces muscle 
spasms. This is due to the psychoactive constituents 
tetarhydrocannbinol (THC) which is also addictive. Smoking 
cannabis also reduces the intraocular pressure through 
vasodilation and hence the red eyes in chronic users. Topical 
application of THC does not appear to have significant effect 
in lowering the intraocular pressure. Until further study, daily 
consumption of cannabis is not recommended as the treatment 
of choice for glaucoma.