The Artists' Eyes 

Can you identify these great painters who suffered from eye problems ?
                    (Click on the pictures for answers)

1. Renowned for his paintings of ballerinas, 
    this impressionist had severe myopia. In 
    his later works, he preferred pastels to oil 
    as it provided an easier medium for his 
    deteriorating eyesight. He finally took up
    sculptures as he trusted his sense of touch
    more than his vision. 


2. A diabetic as well as myopic, this painter
    regarded glasses as vulgar and refused to 
    wear them. Despite his talents, he often 
    wondered if his noble way of painting might
    have resulted from his eye problems.


3. Famous for his waterlily paintings, this 
    impressionist resorted to labelling his tubes
    of paint when his vision deteriorated due to 
    cataract. After a cataract operation, he was
    shocked by the blueness of his world and
    appalled by the strange colour of his recent
    works which he proceeded to retouch.
4. Well-known for selft-mutilation and the high 
    price paid for his works (only after his death),
    he developed yellow vision and often saw
    halos around light. The visual problems might 
    have been caused by digitalis poisioning which
    was used for epilepsy.



5. A great landscape painter who derived
    some of his finest inspiration from Venice. 
    He developed cataract and his later work
    was described by Mark Twain as "like a 
    ginger cat having a fit in bowl of tomatoes".


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