Test yourself
1. When does the patient see nothing and the physician see nothing?

2. What feels like a bag of worm?

3. Why does the woman who complains of sore eyes have difficulty eating biscuits?

4. What colour salmon does the sickle cell patient have?

5. When can you see Christmas tree in the eye?

6. Why does the arctic explorer develop disc swelling?

7. How does the clever ophthalmologist make the diagnosis in a young patient who cannot stop shaking?

8. How does the clever physician make the diagnosis in a patient with abdominal pain?

9. What are crocodile tears?
10. Why does the bungee jumper develop blurred vision?                              

11. What make the tool maker's eyes turn black?

12. Foster Kennedy's syndrome is well-known to all ophthalmologist, it is classically produced by a large subfrontal meningioma which compresses one optic nerve (causing ipsilateral optic atrophy) and foramen of Monro (causing hydrocephalus and contralateral papilloedema). Who is Dr. Foster and who is Dr. Kennedy?

13. Name the famous Victorian writer who is also an ophthalmologist.

14. Which famous scientist's eyes were put up for auction in 1994?

15. What is an uvea?

16. Carotid artery stenosis is an important cause of retinal artery emboli. What is carotid in Greek?

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