Test Yourself  Part II
1. Why did the patient become as "blind as a bat" and as "dry as a bone"?

2. What caused the man to see yellow?

3. What caused the child's eyes to look like setting suns?

4. Why does the down-and-out went blind?

5. Why does the patient who have a map of Maine develop proptosis?

6.  Why does the patient who have a map of California develop proptosis?

7.  What is the diagnosis in a woman who complains of sudden onset of pain in the ear and who cannot shut the eye on the same side?

8.  What is the diagnosis in a girl who ptosis is relieved momentarily by sticking out her tongue?

9.  Why does the man who was blind in both eyes deny that he cannot see?

10. Why does the patient who need a bigger hat develop an afferent pupillary defect?

11. A woman complains of discomfort in both arms and a transient loss of vision which occurs on exercises. What is the possible diagnosis?

12. What made Lewis Carroll conceive of Alice seeing things smaller than they were?

13. What caused a well-known author to have visions of quicksands?

14. What blood test can help the ophthalmologist to make a definitive diagnosis in the case of the youngster with bilateral cataracts and epilepsy?

15. Nodules near the elbow occurring in patients in the UK make the doctor think of rheumatoid arthritis. Nodules near the elbow in the blind inhabitants of West Africa should make the doctor think of what?

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