Medical Retina & Posterior Segment:
                        Case 25


Figure 1

Figure 2

This 29 year-old woman presented to the eye casualty with a one-week history of distorted vision in both eyes. Her visual acuity was 6/12 in the right eye and 6/9 in the left with a myopic correction of -2.75 and -3.25 respectively. Slit-lamp examination of the anterior segment was normal and there was no vitritis. However, fundoscopy revealed multiple small white lesions. The blood tests including ACE, VDRL/TPHA and autoantibodies were normal.  Her past medical history was unremarkable. The above pictures were taken five weeks later.

a. What is the most likely diagnosis?

b. What is the differential diagnosis?

c. What complication may occur with this condition?

d. How would you treat this condition?

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