Medical retinal: Case seven

This 24 year-old man was referred by his optician because of this optic disc appearance. His visual acuity was otherwise normal in both eyes.

a. What is the diagnosis?

Bergmeister' papilla.

b. Give a brief account of its development.

During the embyrologic life, the hyaloid vasculature extends from the optic nerve through the vitreous and nourishes the developing lens. It normally regresses completely in later development, but in some individuals remnants of the vasculature remains at the surface of the optic disc as Bergmeister's papilla (cf. Mitterndorf's dot is the anterior remnants of the hyaloid artery and appears as a small opacity at the posterior surface of the lens)

c. Is long-term follow-up needed?

Bergmeister's papilla may occasionally be mistaken for disc swelling, it is a benign anomaly and does not interfere with visual function.
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