Test 9
1. The following are true about phacolytic glaucoma: 
a. it occurs in hypermature cataract

b. liquefaction of the cortex is part of the process

c. the lens capsule is usually ruptured

d. anterior chamber aspiration shows swollen macrophages

e. giant cells are commonly seen in the trabecular meshwork

2. The following stromal dystrophies are dominantly inherited: 

a. lattice dystrophy

b. granular dystrophy

c. macular dystrophy

d. fleck dystrophy

e. Schnyder's dystrophy

3. The following are true about skin pigmentation: 

a. in vitiligo melanocytes are present but are unable to 
    produce melanin.

b. in cutaneous albinism, melanocytes are absent

c. freckles show an increase in melanocytes

d. sun tan is the result of increased melanin production

e. lentigo is the result of melanotye hyperplasia

4. With regard to retinoblastoma:

a. 94% of cases are sporadic

b. patients with sporadic retinoblastoma does not pass their 
    genes to their offspring

c. calcification in the tumour can be detected on ultrasound 

d. Reese-Ellsworth classification is useful in predicting visual 
    prognosis following radiotherapy

e. Reese-Ellsworth classification is useful in predicting the
    survival prognosis following therapy


5. Of the following, which antigen and tumours are correctly paired:
a. S100 protein in melanoma

b. keratin in carcinoma

c. leukocyte common antigen in lymphoma

d. vimentin in sarcoma

e. S100 protein in astrocytoma

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