Test 8
1. Parakeratosis occurs in: 
a. actinic keratosis

b. seborrheic keratosis

c. squamous cell carcinoma

d. molluscum contagiosum

e. basal cell carcinoma

2. Multiple basal cell carcinoma is a feature in the following conditions: 

a. Gardner's syndrome

b. Gorlin's syndrome

c. Cowden's disease 

d. xeroderma pigmentosa

e. Muir-Torre's syndrome

3. The following stains are used to stain amyloid: 

a. crystal violet

b. thioflavin T

c. Verhoeff von Gieson

d. von Kossa

e. Perl's stain

4. The following is true about orbital neuroblastoma:

a. it is the result of metastasis

b. bilaterality is rare

c. it is most commonly found at the zygoma

d. lid ecchymosis is common because the tumour is highly 

e. Homer-Wright's rosettes can be found in the tumour


5. Lisch's nodules in neurofibromatosis:
a. are found in both type I and type II neurofibromatosis

b. are iris naevi

c. are found at the edge of the iris

d. are highly vascular

e. show malignant transformation in one-third of cases

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