Test 6
1. Adenoid cystic carcinoma of the lacrimal gland: 
a. may arise from pleomorphic adenoma

b. is not encapsulated

c. causes bony erosion

d. causes pain from perineural invasion

e. basaloid cell is associated with the worst prognosis.

2. Blood staining of the cornea: 

a. is a common complication following trabeculectomy

b. red blood cells are seen in the stroma

c. iron is found in the keratocytes

d. causes siderosis bulbi

e. is an irreversible condition

3. Bitot's spots: 

a. occur in patients with fat malabsorption

b. are commonest on the nasal side of the conjunctiva

c. are caused by hyperplasia of the goblet cells

d. usually precede keratopathy

e. resolve with oral vitamin A

4. Oncocytoma: 

a. is most commonly found in the caruncle

b. is malignant in 50% of cases

c. arises from the stroma

d. contain abnormal mitochondria 

e. has a high recurrence rate following excision


5. The following are true about staining in the microbes:
a. Gram negative bacteria appear red

b. Gram positive bacteria appear blue 

c. Gomori methamine silver stains fungi green

d. calcofluor white stains acanthamoeba red

e. Ziehl-Neelsen's stain give acid fast bacteria a red colour

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