Test 5
1. The following histological feature are present in lattice degeneration: 
a. overlying liquefied vitreous

b. atrophy of the outer layer of the retina

c. adherence of vitreous to the margin of the lesion

d. closure of the retinal vessels

e. discontinuity of the inner limiting membrane

2. The following conditions are related to sun exposure: 

a. Bowen's disease

b. actinic keratosis

c. seborrheic keratosis

d. sebaceous cell carcinoma

e. syringoma

3. In malignant lymphoma of the orbit: 

a. Hodgkin's disease is the most common

b. most common cell type is B cell lymphoma

c. follicular pattern is commonly seen

d. MALT (mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue ) lymphoma
    is a low-grade lymphoma

e. the tumour is resistant to radiotherapy

4. The following are true about dermoids: 

a. they are most commonly found in the superotemporal region
    of the orbit

b. they are lined by columnar epithelium

c. rupture causes granulomatous reaction with foreign body
    giant cell formation.

d. the wall contains adnexal structures.

e. they are caused by trauma in the majority of the cases


5. In ocular trauma:
a. cyclodialysis results from disinsertion of the ciliary body

b. angle recession results from a tear in the ciliary body

c. commotio retinae is caused by retinal oedema

d. Voss's ring is associated with progressive cataract

e. retinal dialysis is most common in the superotemporal

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