Test 4
1. With regard to giant cells: 
a. they are the hallmark of granulomatous lesion

b. they are derived from macrophages

c. foreign body giant cells occur in chalazion

d. Langhan's giant cells occur in sarcoidosis

e. Langhan's giant cells occur in tuberculosis

2. The following are of prognostic importance in choroidal melanoma: 

a. presence of retinal detachment

b. size of the tumour

c. location of the tumour

d. presence of blood vessels within the tumour

e. types of tumour cells

3. In pthisis bulbi: 

a. the intraocular pressure is reduced

b. calcification of the lens is common

c. the sclera is thickened

d. the size of the globe is reduced

e. the retinal pigment epithelium undergoes osseous metaplasia

4. Common features of retinoblastoma include: 

a. high mitotic figures

b. calfication

c. necrosis

d. presence of extracellular DNA 

e. neovascularization


5. Optic glioma:
a. has a peak incidence in the middle age

b. is associated with type I neurofibromatosis

c. arises from the oligodendrocytes

d. causes meningeal hyperplasia

e. contains Rosenthal fibres which are essential for its 

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