Test 3
1. The following substances show birefrigence: 
a. gout

b. calcium pyrophosphate

c. amyloid

d. cholesterol

e. haemosiderin

2. The following are true: 

a. Wedl cells occur in patients on chronic steroid use 

b. glaucoflecken are found in the posterior surface of the lens

c. Elschnig's pearl arises from cortical remains of the lens

d. Soemerring's ring causes posterior capsule opacities

e. duplication of the lens epithelium occurs in siderosis

3. Nanophthalmos is associated with: 

a. myopia

b. thickened sclera

c. thickened lens diameter

d. open angle glaucoma

e. uveal effusion syndrome

4. The following are true about retinocytoma: 

a. it is the result of spontaneous regression of retinoblastoma

b. necrosis is a common feature

c. Homer-Wright rosettes are common

d. mitosis is rare  

e. calcification does not occur


5. Oil red O stain is positive in:
a. sebaceous cell carcinoma

b. xanthelasma

c. chalazion

d. crystalline dystrophy of schnyder

e. arcus senilis

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