Test 15
1. True statements about the conjunctiva include: 
a. it is made up of stratified, non-keratinized squamous 

b. the substantia propria is thinnest over the tarsus

c. goblet cells are most numerous in the fornices

d. accessory glands of Kraus produce aqueous layer of
    the tear film

e. accessory glands of Wolfring produce oily layer of
    the tear film

2. Compared with limbal dermoid, dermolipomas: 

a. most frequently occur in the superotemporal quadrant of 
    the fornix.

b. are soften than limbal dermoids

c. have absent dermal adnexal structures

d. are not seen in Goldenhar's syndrome

e. are not seen in linear naevus sebaceous syndrome

3. The following are true fixatives used in histopathology : 

a. 10% formalin is the most commonly used fixative

b. glutaraldehyde is the fixative of choice for electron 

c. ethyl alcohol is suitable for fixating cytology specimen

d. fixatives prevent discoloration of the tissue

e. fixatives prevent autolysis

4. Mucormycosis of the orbit:

a. usually begins in the sinus

b. causes central retinal artery occlusion

c. commonly causes tissue necrosis

d. is a complication in patients with poorly controlled
    diabetes mellitus.

e. is associated with injury involving vegetation


5. Alcian blue stains the following blue:
a. hyaluronic acid in the vitreous

b. Schnabel's optic atrophy

c. granular dystrophy

d. macular dystrophy

e. lens with pseudoexfoliation syndrome

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