Test 10
1. True statement about papilloma of the eyelid include: 
a. the majority of cases is caused by viral infection 

b. it is associated with malignant transformation in 
    20% of cases 

c. a central fibrovascular cord is a feature 

d. hyperkeratosis is a feature 

e. acanthosis is a feature 

2. Focal thickening of the internal lens capsule (excrescence) occurs in: 

a. Down's syndrome 

b. Lowe's syndrome 

c. Marfan's disease 

d. aniridia 

e. Miller's syndrome 

3. The following pairings are correct: 

a. hamartoma - neurofibroma of the eyelid 

b. hamartoma - orbital dermoid 

c. choristoma - limbal dermoid 

d. choristoma - cavernous haemangioma 

e. choristoma - congenital hypertrophy of RPE 

4. The following are true about gliosis: 

a. gliosis and not fibrosis is the main mechanism of repair 
    in optic nerve injury 

b. gliosis involves proliferation of oligodendrocytes 

c. gliosis involves proliferation of neuronal cells 

d. neovascularization is a prominent feature in gliosis. 

e. gliosis involves secretion of extracellular collagens 


5. The following intraocular foreign bodies are well tolerated by the 
a. copper 

b. lead 

c. silver 

d. gold 

e. zinc 

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