Test 1
1. Sebaceous carcinoma: 
a. is commoner in the upper lid than the lower lid 

b. is usually bilateral 

c. has a yellowish appearance 

d. of the conjunctiva only occurs as a result of pagetoid 
    spread from the eyelid 

e. metastasis usually haematogenous 

2. The following are features of Muir-Torre's syndrome: 

a. multiple basal cell carcinoma 

b. multiple keratoacanthoma 

c. multiple sebaceous carcinoma 

d. meningioma 

e. adenocarcinoma of the proximal bowel 

3. Medulloepithelioma: 

a. arises from the non-pigmeneted retinal pigment epithelium 

b. most commonly found on the posterior surface of the iris 

c. is a benign tumour 

d. causes neovascular glaucoma 

e. may contain striated muscle histologically 

4. In sympathetic ophthalmia: 

a. there are bilateral granulomatous panuveitis 

b. the choriocapillaris are occluded by macrophages 

c. Dalen-Fuch's nodules are found on the inner surface of the 
    Bruch's membrane 

d. Dalen-Fuch's nodules are pathognomonic of this condition 

e. removal of the damaged eye reduces the inflammation 


5. Rhabdomyosarcoma of the orbit: 
a. typically affects patients in the second decade of life 

b. causes systemic fever 

c. has better prognosis than extraorbital type 

d. of the alveolar type is the most common 

e. is resistant to radiotherapy 

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