OSCE (Objectively  structured clinical examination)

Candidate two                    Date:         November, 1999
                                                      Location:  Bournemouth

In this section, I have to go round eight stations. Two of which have questions on optic and refraction and the other six on clinical examination.

Station 1

The examiner gave me a pair of bifocal glasses and I had to perform focimetry and write down the reading in plus and minus cylinder.
Station 2
I was asked to perform keratometry on a patient using Javal-Shiotz keratometer.
Station 3
Pupil examination.
The patient had a mid-dilated pupil which did not respond to light or accommodation. I was asked to give a differential diagnosis of a dilated pupil.
Station 4
Ocular motility examination
The patient had a head turn and when I put his head straight he developed nystagmus. I was asked about the differential diagnosis of abnormal head posture, nystagmus and null point.
Station 5
Indirect ophthalmoscopy.
The patient appeared to have normal fundi. However, some candidates said he had bilateral retinoschisis.
Station 6
Direct ophthalmoscopy.
The patient had an unilateral pale opitc disc. Question on causes of optic atrophy.
Station 7
Anterior segment examination using a slit-lamp.
The patient had a right inferior corneal oedema with pannus. I made a diagnosis of disciform keratitis.
I was asked to demonstrate the different techniques of using a slit-lamp.
Station 8
Visual field examination.
The patient had an unilateral altitudinal field defect.

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