High myopia
The optic disc has irregular peripapillary atrophic crescent (this is due 
to failure of the retinal pigment epithelium and choroid to reach the disc 
margin). There are thin white lines (termed lacquer crack caused by breaks 
in Bruch's membrane) extending from the optic disc.

Other signs to look for:

  • Foster-Fuch's spot (which is RPE hyperplasia following subretinal  

  • neovascularization and haemorrhage)
  • subretinal haemorrhage suggesting subretinal neovascularization 
  • presence of staphyloma is suggested by dipping of the vessels into  

  • the cavity
  • look for any evidence of previous retinal detachment operation  

  • (peripheral chorioretinal scars or indentation)


1. What is the definition of high myopia?

2. What are the causes of myopia?

3. Why are patients with high myopia at risk of retinal detachment?

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