Astrocytic hamartoma of the optic disc
There is a sharply demarcated lesion arising from the optic disc. 
The surface is irregular, glistening and has a yellow colour 
(the appearance has been described as resembling mulberry).

Look for:

  • signs of tuberous sclerosis such as sebaceous adenoma, ashlead 

  • lesion, shagreen patches or periungual fibroma
  • less commonly astrocytoma is seen in neurofibromatosis 


1. What is the component of astrocytic hamartoma?

2. What is the incidence of astrocystic hamartoma in tuberous sclerosis?

3. Is optic disc astrocytoma pathognomonic of tuberous sclerosis?

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Sebaceous adenoma of the face in a patient with 
tuberous sclerosis
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