Famous blind persons: Literary figures
India (1952) Surdas (1479-1586) 
Hindu poet. He was born blind to a Brahmin family. He was maltreated from an early age because
of his blindness and left home at the age of 6. He gained his religious knowledge and Hindu philosophy
under the great sage Vallabhacharya.  Under this great teacher he received  After his training 
he followed the life of a Hindu holy man.  He is best known for his "Sur Sagar" (Ocean of Melody) 
only 8000 out of the estimated 100,000 poems and songs have survived. The work was written in 
Brij Bhasha a dialect of Hindustani.  At the time, the literary languages were primarily 
Persian and Sanskrit.  Sur Das' work is one of a number of works that is credited 
with raising Brij Bhasha from the status of a vulgate into that of a literary language.
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