Religion and Blindness
Sri Lanka (1996 SG1328) Vesak Festival: Subha removing her eye.
In her previous life, Subha was a pious devotee of Buddha and consequently she was 
born as  the beautiful daughter of a  rich goldsmith. She was much loved because of 
her sweet and kind nature. After attending the preaching of Buddha at the age of 16, 
she became a nun to gain enlightenment despite her family's objection. One day when
she was walking outside her temple, she was accosted by the son of another goldsmith
a libertine. He tried to seduce her by remarking on her beauty especially her eyes. As
the man would not let her go without satisfying his lust, Subha plucked out her right
eye and offered it to him. The man saw his mistake and asked for forgiveness. When
the lord Buddha heard of it, he restored Subha's eye.
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