Religions and blindness
Sri Lanka (1992 SG 1189, 1190, 1191 & 1192)
Vesak Festival: Sam Jataka Paintings from Kottimbulwala Cave Temple.
Sama's parents leaving for forest.
Sama and Parents in forest.
Sama leading blind parents.
Sama's parents grieving for wounded son.
Two hunters in a remote village married their son and daughter together. The children, are married, 
but because they are both well along the path to enlightenment, they do not consummate their 
union and live as ascetics in forest. Sakka (the king of the Heaven of the Thirty-three Gods) was 
concerned for them and convinced them to have a son that will be conceived by the husband's
touch. The future Buddha is born as their son, Sama. When he reaches the age of sixteen, his 
parents were blinded by the poison of a spitting cobra and Sama was obliged to keep constant 
watch over them. One day, when he went to fetch water from the well accompanied by two stags, 
he was shoot by Piliyakkha, the King of Benares who is hunting in the forest with a poison arrow. 
A goddess revealed his true identity to the King, who, overcome by remorse vowed to take care 
of Sama's parents. As the three viewed Sama's body, Sakka removed the poison from his body 
and he recovered. The parents' tears restored  their sight and Sama preached to the King of Kasi.
- Additional information from Ken and Gunilla Stuckey. - 
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