Ophthalmic escapees
Lazaro Ludwig Zamenhof (1859-1917) was a Jewish ophthalmologist who invented Esperanto. He was born in Poland when 
it was part of the  Russian Empire. As there were many races living together in the area he lived, ethnic conflicts were 
common. He came to the nobel but mooted belief that if all races speak the same language then there would be no conflict. 
He first studied at universities in Moscow and then Warsaw. In 1885, he became a physician and practicsed ophthalmology. 
In July, 1887, he wrote a pamphlet on an international language, Esperanto which he hopes to unite difference races. The 
languages are drawn from different languages with plenty of latin words.  Aside from ophthalmology he devoted the rest of
his life to the teaching of Esperanto for the rest of his life, and died at the age of 57 before the end of World War I. 
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