Medical Retina on Stamps
  • Dominican Republic (1974 SG1196) Struggle against diabetes: an eye and a heart are organs commonly affected in diabetes. 
  • Austria (1979 SG1848) 10th World Congress of the International Diabetes Federation: leaking retinal vessels in diabetes.
  • USA (2001) Know more about diabetes: eye, blood in test tube and microscope.
  • Diabetes mellitus has been described since antiquity. The word 'diabetes' came from the Greek work siphon because of the observation that the patient suffers from excessive thirst and urination. The word 'mellitus' means sugar because of the sweetness of the urine. It was only in the 19th century, that malfunctioning of the  pancreas was correctly identified as the cause of the disease. The discovery of insulin by Banting in Canada in 1921 was a landmark in the history of medical retina. Before the availability of insulin, most diabetic patients died young and diabetic retinopathy was unknown. With a longer survival, most diabetic patient developed retinopathy in one form or another.
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