Famous ophthalmologists: 1
Hungary (1972  SG 2666/2667) 1st European Ophthalmology Congress, Budapest: J.Imre, E.Grosz and L.Blaskovics; A.Gullstrand, 
V.P.Filatov  and J.Gonin.

The last three great ophthalmologists have been described elsewhere. The first three ophthalmologists are Hungarians.

Imre Joseph (1884-1945) was the head of Ophthalmology at the University of Budapest in 1939. He specialized in intracapsular 
cataract extraction, corneal transplantation and retinal detachment surgery.

Emile de Grosz (1865-1941) was a cataract surgeon and a professor at the University of Budapest in 1904 and then dean of
Budapest Medical School in 1914.

Ladislas de Blaskovics (1869-1938) was an oculoplastic surgeon and was professor of ophthalmology at the second University 
Eye Hospital in Budapest.

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