Artists and eye
Monaco (1991) Claude Monet by Renoir
France (1999) The water lilies by Claude Monet.

Monet, one of the leading French impressionist had cataracts. Over time, his eyes grew cloudy, making the world appear 
dim and colours look muted. Everything he painted looked blurry. In later life, Monet had cataract surgery to replace his 
clouded right lens. Monet first learned he had cataracts in 1912 and he was almost blind in his right eye. In the 
following years, his left eye gradually began to lose its clarity of sight. In the summer of 1922 Monetís loss of
vision forced him to stop painting. "I no longer saw colours with the same intensity," he wrote. "The reds seemed
muddy to me, the pinks insipid, and the intermediate colours or lower tones escaped me." The failing sight inspired Monet 
to have surgery to remove the cataract in his right eye in 1922 and he resumed painting in 1923 until his death in 1926. 

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