Attic black Figure oinochoe. Odysseus heats up the stake (right) and with the help of his companions blinds the giant 
cyclop Polyphemus (left). 500 BC
The Odysseus is the story Odysseus tells king Alcinoos of the Faiacs at dinner. After the Trojan war, Odysseus and his companions
returned home but not before they came across a series of adventures. One of which is the encounter with the one-eyed Cyclop
Polyphemus in the island of Youra in the North Sporades. The giant shut the men inside his cave, ate a few of them. Odysseus told
Polyphemus his name is Nobody. When Polyphemus fell asleep, Odysseus convinced his companion to prepare a tree trunk which 
they sharpened into a weapon and put it in the fire. They then thrust it into the Cyclops eye. Crying with pain and anger, Polyphemus 
opened the cave and tried fumbling to catch the escaping men. They had tied themselves under the giants sheep, though, so the only 
thing he felt was the backs of the animals. His screams woke the other Cyclops up, and they shouted to him what was wrong. 
Polyphemus then answered "Nobody has blinded me", which made the other Cyclops go back to bed, thinking Polyphemus had 
finally gone out of his wits.
Louvre, Paris
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