Karl Bruno Stargardt
German ophthalmologist, born 4th December, 1875, Berlin; died 2nd April, 1927, Marburg.

Stargardt's disease = The most frequently encountered juvenile onset macular degeneration characterised by multiple pisciform subretinal yellowish lesions.

Karl Bruno Stargardt attended the universities of Heidelberg, Erlangen, and Berlin, and obtained his doctorate from the University of Kiel in 1899. He trained in ophthalmology in Kiel under professor Karl Völkers (born 1836), becoming assistant, respectively head physician at the university eye clinic. He then worked in the eye clinic at Strasburg and became head of ophthalmology at Bonn. In 1923 he succeeded Max Bielschowsky (1869-1940) in the chair of ophthalmology at the University of Marburg. Shortly afterwards, however, he developed nephritis and cardiac complications, and died in 1927.


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    Degeneration of the inclusion bodies in ophthalmia neonatorum.
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