Yoshizo Harada

Japanese ophthalmologist, 1892-1947.

Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada syndrome = A form of uveomeningoencephalitis common in certain parts of the world such as Japan.

Yoshizo Koyanagi received his medical education at the Imperial University in Kyoto, graduating in 1908. He first worked as an assistant et the eye clinic, and in 1911 became associate professor at his alma mater. In 1912 he became ophthalmologist at the Red Cross hospital in Osaka, in 1913 professor extraordinary in Kyoto, and in 1915 became Igaku Hakushi. In 1917 Koyanagi was appointed professor at the Imperial University in Sendai. His numerous publications include an important textbook of ophthalmology, written with K. Ichikawa and S. Suganuma.
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